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2010年01月16日 Torchleech 1.4 リリース

  • 1/17 追記
    Torchleech の多言語対応を行なおうとしているようですが、英語、ドイツ語、ロシア語以外の翻訳者がいないため翻訳してくれる方を募集しています。 多言語対応には日本語も予定に含まれていますので、ご協力いただける方は こちら をご一読の上、応募をお願いします。 翻訳作業にはテキストエディタとメールアドレスがあれば問題ないみたいです。(追記ここまで)

  • mod マネージャー Torchleech 1.4 がリリースされました。
    ダウンロードは こちら から。

  • Torchleech 1.4 のリリースノート
    • New: Install dependencies - if you install a mod which depends on other mod TLeech can install them in addition.
    • New: Command line parameter "/appdata=" to configure the %appdata% path manually (for Crossover/Wine).
    • New: Integrated support for repositories (user-defined databases); you can switch between them in the context menu.
    • New: Support for download mirrors.
    • New: "Save as..." in mod context menu to download packages to another destination folder without install the mods.
    • New: Option to exclude special mods from the conflict check to ignore known issues.
    • Improved: Mod details support RTF text (instead of plain text); better text formatting, colors, lists...
    • Improved: Hotkeys for menu buttons at top; press [ALT] to see (underlined) hotkey. Example: Select a mod and press [ALT]+[I] to install.
    • Improved: Add new categories "Items (Potions; Gems; Weapons)" and changed/added new icons.
    • Improved: Some minor improvements for keyboard junkies like [CTRL]+[F] to focus search or [SHIFT]+[CTRL]+[F] to open fuzzy search.
    • Changed: Use Windows Vista/7 explorer theming for mod list (blue selection, arrows for tree subnodes).
    • Changed: Add "Use internal browser" (description) to the option checkbox for the internal browser (on the right site of address bar).
    • Changed: Excludes the thumbnail file "thumbs.db" (internal file from Microsoft Windows) from the conflict check.
    • Fixed: F2-F6 to switch between list styles only work if the mod list has the focus. Should work over the whole application.
    • Fixed: Skip download process for screenshot and RTF on mod details when offline mode is activated.
    • Fixed: Un-/Install, de-/activate, copy to clipboard don't work at groups (should do the job for all mods in a selected group).

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