Torchlight Wiki / トーチライト ウィキ

* セットアイテム [#d82ee0ea]
|''Berserker Gear''|Berserker Cord(Belt)&br;Berserker Spike(Axe)|2 pieces:36 Armor Degraded per Hit&br;3 pieces:36 Armor Degraded per Hit&br;|
|''Black Fist Attrie''|Black Fist Arquebus(Rifle)&br;Black Fist Vambrace(Gloves)|2 pieces:+168 Health&br;3 pieces:+14 Mana&br;4 pieces:5 Mana Stolen on Hit&br;4 pieces:22 Health Stolen on Hit&br;|
|''Court Regalia''|Court Finery(Chest)&br;Court Mantle(Shoulder)&br;Court Sash(Belt)&br;|2 pieces: +5% electric,Fire,Ice,Poison dmg&br;3 pieces: +15% Electric,Fire,Ice,Posion dmg|
|''Dragonslayer Aegis''|Dragonslayer Helm(Helmet)&br;Dragonslayer Breastplate(Chest)&br;Dragonslayer Sentinel(Shield)&br;Dragonslayer Shoulders&br;|3 pieces:+32 Armor&br;4 pieces:+45 Armor&br;5 pieces:+51 Poison Resistance&br;5 pieces:+51 Ice Resistance&br;5 pieces:+51 Fire Resistance&br;5 pieces:+51 Electrical Resistance&br;|
|''Dream Guise''|Dream Clasp(Belt)&br;Dream Manipulators(Gloves)&br;Dream Waders(Boots)&br;Dream Catcher(Trinket)|2 pieces: 2% Chance to Block&br;3 pieces: 4% Chance to Block&br;4 pieces: 6% Chance to Block|
|''Gorgon Rlg''|Gorgon Gloves(Gloves)&br;Gorgon Boots(Boots)|2 pieces:4% Faster Attack&br;2 pieces:4% Faster Cast Speed&br;2 pieces:5% Faster Movement|
|''Graven's Amassment''|Graven's Crystal Gloves(Gloves)&br;Graven's Crystal Belt(Belt)&br;Graven's Crystal Helm(Helmet)&br;Graven's Crystal Chest(Chest)&br;Graven's Crystal Shoulders(Shoulder)&br;Graven's Crystal Boots(Boots)|2 pieces:4% Faster Attack&br;3 pieces:23 Health Stolen on Hit&br;4 pieces:4% Faster Attack&br;5 pieces:23 Health Stolen on Hit&br;6 pieces:8% Faster Attack&br;7 pieces:42 Health Stolen on Hit&br;8 pieces:12% Faster Attack|
|''Justice's Convocation''|Justice Enshrined(Chest)&br;Justice Delivered(Rifle)&br;Riffle with no Name(Rifle)&br;Valkyrie Envisioned(Helmet)&br;Justince Defined(Gloves)&br;Justice Promoted(Shoulder)&br;Justice Proclaimed(Belt)&br;Justice Prosecuted(Boots)|2 pieces: +5% Physical & Elemental dmg&br;3 pieces: 2% chance to block&br;4 pieces:+5% Physical & Elemental dmg&br;5 pieces:2% chance to block&br;6 pieces:+10% Physical & Elemental dmg&br;7 pieces:4% chance to block&br;8 pieces:+15% Physical & Elemental dmg&br;|
|''Leone's Assemblage''|Leone's Deadeye Piece(Pistol)|2 pieces:4% Faster Attack&br;3 pieces:4% Faster Attack&br;4 pieces:+2 Critical Hit Chance&br;5 pieces:+3 Critical Hit Chance|
|''Lovecraft's Abundance''|Lovecraftian Coat(Chest)&br;Lovecraftian Buckle(Belt)&br;|2 pieces:+14 Armor&br;3 pieces:+1 Critical Hit Chnace&br;4 pieces:+23 Armor&br;5 pieces:+2 Critical Hit Chance&br;6 pieces:+32 Armor&br;7 pieces:Increases All Electric,Fire,Ice,Poison Damage by 15%|
|''Magnus'Trove''|Magnus'Sleeping Overlord(Staff)&br;Pandemonium(Staff)&br;Magnus'Perplexing Grasp(Gloves)&br;Magnus'Intricate Wraping(Belt)&br;Magnus'Detailed Footwear(Boots)&br;Magnus'Obscure Headgear(Helmet)|2 pieces:17 Armor Degraded per Hit&br;3 pieces:+4% Magic Find&br;4 pieces:17 Armor Degraded per Hit&br;5 pieces:+12% Magic Find&br;6 pieces:33 Armor Degraded per Hit&br;7 pieces:+15% Electric,Fire,Ice,Posion dmg&br;8 pieces:49 Armor Degraded per Hit|
|''Midas' Riches''|Midas Chain(Trinket)&br;Midas Ring(Trinket)|2 pieces:6% Increased Gold&br;3 pieces:6% Increased Gold|
|''Ophidian's Trappings''|Ophidian Venom Sprayer(Wand)&br;Ophidian Fang Guards(Shoulder Armor)|2 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 10%&br;3 pieces:9 Damage Reflected&br;4 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 20%&br;5 pieces:13 Damage Reflected&br;6 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 30%&br;|
|''Orlac's Hands''|The Right Hand of Orlac(Axe)|2 pieces:56 Health Stolen on Hit&br;|
|''Raiment of the Hawk''|Hawk Chest(Chest Armor)&br;Hawk Gloves(Gloves)&br;Hawk Greaves(Boots)|2 pieces:+9-11 electric dmg&br;3 pieces:+7% chance to Block|
|''Scimatron's Guard''|Scimatron's Mind(Trinket)|2 pieces:4% Faster Cast Speed&br;3 pieces:+10 Mana&br;4 pieces:8% Faster Cast Speed&br;5 pieces:+15 Mana&br;6 pieces:12% Faster Cast Speed&br;7 pieces:Increases All Electric Damage by 50%|
|''Tlaloc's Ward''|Tlaloc's Butress(Belt)&br;Talon Solleret(Boots)|2 pieces:8% Faster Cast Speed&br;3 pieces:3 Mana Stolen on Hit&br;4 pieces:12% Faster Cast Speed&br;5 pieces:5 Mana Stolen on Hit|
|''Trance Apparatus''|Trance Coat(Chest Armor)&br;Trance Plates(Shoulder Armor)&br;Trance Focus(Staff)&br;|2 pieces:Increases ALL Fire Damage by 20%&br;2 pieces:Increases ALL Ice Damage by 20%&br;3 pieces:Increases ALL Electric Damage by 20%&br;3 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 20%|
|''Valcone's Bastion''|Valcone's Dust Guard(Shoulder Armor)&br;Valcone's Nose Wipers(Gloves)|2 pieces:+16 Armor&br;3 pieces:+2 Critical Hit Chance&br;4 pieces:+22 Armor&br;5 pieces:+3 Critical Hit Chance&br;6 pieces:+10% Faster Movement|
|''Zoromun's Bulwark''|Zoromun's Cleave(Polearm)&br;Zoromun's Fancy(Belt)&br;Zoromun's Insight(Helmet)&br;Zoromun's Strength(Trinket)&br;|2 pieces:Increases ALL Electric Damage by 5%&br;2 pieces:Increases ALL Fire Damage by 5%&br;2 pieces:Increases ALL Ice Damage by 5%&br;2 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 5%&br;3 pieces:Increases ALL Fire Damage by 30%&br;4 pieces:Increases ALL Ice Damage by 30%&br;5 pieces:Increases ALL Electric Damage by 30%&br;6 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 30%&br;7 pieces:Increases ALL Electric Damage by 15%&br;7 pieces:Increases ALL Fire Damage by 15%&br;7 pieces:Increases ALL Ice Damage by 15%&br;7 pieces:Increases ALL Poison Damage by 15%&br;|